How Not To Look Stupid & Fail During Online Dates

Here a list of critical mistakes that should not be allowed during virtual dating:

1. To seduce the wrong girl

Even during the initial meeting, you can understand whether you like her or not. If the initiative comes only from you, if the girl does not react very well to your actions and there is an inner feeling that you are “imposing” – it is probably worth talking to other girls.

2. Boring date

One of the most unpleasant situations can happen when the girl says no to you. When she doesn’t like you or you have different goals. Try to stay friends. It is terrible when you are so boring and uninteresting that tomorrow the girl will block your account.

3. Do not disclose your life details

Emotions that we get during a date are very important. But if they are not accompanied by the story of your life and how you became the person you are – the girl may never begin to trust you.

4. To make girl too proactive

When a person invests in communication a lot of efforts, the importance of the interlocutor increases. But if there is no response, there is frustration and misunderstanding.

5. Afraid to become more than a friend or acquaintance

If you don’t show the girl that you like her, if you don’t let her understand this, most likely you will finish your relations soon. But do not press too much. Assess the situation, feel the girl, remember everything you know about the perfect date, then the closer communication will be natural and pleasant.

6. To set sex as the main goal

Let not sexual relations be the main goal. It is not difficult to do, if not to be selfish. A woman who is ready to go further is the best reward for your attentive attitude to her. And let her seduce you.

7. Do not promise too much

Even if you are negotiating about sex for one night, the woman can still imagine some romantic situation and plan the future. You have to be the right man for her fantasies, but a realistic and honest person. Such an approach will result in easy and pleasant communication for a long time.

So what to add more? You know the girls, you think they are similar. Yes, it is. But do not try to show it to your lady. May it will become unique to you. Find what inspires you in her, set it apart from all those with whom you met before. Be outspoken about attitude after achieving a result. Do not try to turn into a guy for whom infinity is the time between an orgasm and the moment when she closes the door. Proclaimed Attitude to this subject and your reputation are a very connected thing. And, well, omit the rude words, this is an unspoken rule.

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